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Audubon Youth Program

The Audubon Youth Program (AYP) offers free and confidential services to youth ages 5 to 18 and their families in Upper Manhattan
regardless of income, race/ethnicity, sex and immigration status. AYP is dedicated to preventing and minimizing the effects of unhealthy behaviors and attitudes,
in our youth and families to help build stronger and healthier communities. It provides a wide range of services to promote healthy behaviors and attitudes, academic success, and advocacy for children and families. Experienced and bilingual (English /Spanish) case managers work with families to assess
their level of need in order to provide and coordinate necessary support services and referrals. AYP services include case management, preventative services, educational support and information. In addition, AYP links its participants with concrete counseling and appropriate mental health and clinical services.

Adult Education
  • Case Management
  • Truancy Prevention
  • Information and Referral
  • Teen Pregnancy Prevention
  • Advocacy Services
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Parent Workshop
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Behavior Management
  • Tobacco Abuse Prevention
  • Conflict Resolution
Monday - Thrusday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Our Team

Angela Herrera
Case Manager
Evelyn Santos
Intake Specialist
Lisette Collado
Case Manager

Audubon Youth Program
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